The Idaho Schools Pushing Pornography on Your Kids

2023-04-09 07:16:34 By : Mr. Thomas Peng

Are you sure there are no dirty books in local school libraries?  The Idaho Freedom Foundation did a deep dive and found at least one school library in Twin Falls may have some on the shelves.  A school not known for graduating the confused but instead for technical background.  You can read the details by clicking here.

The organization puts most of its focus on one school in Ada County, where a librarian bought one of the scandalous tomes and then after checking it out herself decided it was wrong for the kids.  Then why buy the book in the first place? Wooden Chest

The Idaho Schools Pushing Pornography on Your Kids

The IFF story shares a long list of titles.  Some struck me initially as funny but in a sad way.

Many teachers, their unions, and school districts scream censorship, but why do you send your kids to school?  For education or recruitment into alternative lifestyles.

The legislators that are controlled by the education lobby will deflect by impugning the Freedom Foundation’s motives, which appear to be protecting minors from being biblically known by adults.

We’re sacrificing an entire generation of youngsters because some people in the House and Senate want to get re-elected to a part-time job.  For what?  The free tickets to sporting events that are passed out by lobbyists?  To spite IFF?

Voters could bring this to an end but there’s so little sunlight on some issues that mushrooms are getting a better political education.

The Idaho Schools Pushing Pornography on Your Kids

Wooden Drawer Box If you caught someone trying to lure your kid into a car, you would probably pound the snot out of the pervert.  How is the recruitment of your kids by the establishment different?